Nuke Quiz

Nuke Quiz is a php module to test users with a multitude of checkbox and radio multiple choice questions.

You can address any bug reports, patches, questions etc.. to the relevant sourceforge page [nuke-quiz].

Mailing Lists
A release announcement mailing list exists courtesy of sourceforge. Subscribe here [nuke-quiz-announce].
A discussion list (bugs, installation, etc) also exists courtesy of sourceforge. Subscribe here [nuke-quiz-discuss].

Copyleft - All rights reversed
Nuke Quiz is free software released under the GNU GPL version 2 or later. Nuke Quiz is Copyright © 2001-2002 Matthew Hall.

Nuke Quiz is written entirely in php, and is intended to be used as a module for Php Nuke. Webservers supporting php and an sql database (mysql) are a prerequisite (e.g. Apache).

Download The latest version is 1.2.5
Version 1.2.5 -=- Download from [sourceforge].

Just move the case, links and module from the quiz admin directory to their respective directory in your php nuke install dir.
Move the Quiz and Quiz_Stats directory to the modules directory in your php nuke install dir.

Then insert the sql file whichever way you normally use (phpMyAdmin, mysql, pgsql) You may want to change this file and replace "nuke" for the prefix of your php nuke install if it differs from the default installation.

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© 2002 Matthew Hall

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